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Program/Project Management

Job Listing: Project Manager

Job listing

Position Title:: Project Manager -IBM File NET


Location:: Washington, DC


Duration:: Long Term






The Child and Family Services Agency  (CFSA) has a requirement for implementing a document management system, consistently primarily of scanning, indexing and storing digitized documents to enable CFSA to efficiently meet its short and long term document management needs through technology integration, cost effectiveness and productivity enhancement. The District is seeking the implementation of a system focused on the proper capture, management, retention and disposition of files as appropriate. Specifically, the development and implementation stage of the document management system shall provide for establishment of life cycle management, version control, change management (check­out and check ­in), audit trail, document security, document profiling, and search and retrieval. The Contractor (consultant) shall develop and implement processes for document preparation, designing the taxonomy of existing paper documents to scan, and digitize records and files for ease of retrieval; document retention and accessibility; documents conversion, electronic storage and back up storages, and document shredding. The contractor shall provide a basic roadmap for strategically increasing document management maturity in order to reduce dependence on manual processes and ad­hoc solutions while enabling user­ friendly solutions for capturing, managing, delivering, storing, and preserving the documents. The Contractor shall provide training to CFSA staff or representatives on the above processes and the document management system.


Ability to work in team in diverse/ multiple stakeholder environment 






IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager 4.x and 5.x

Required, 3 Years, 2  Proficient

IBM FileNet P8 Business Process Manager 4.x and 5.x

Required, 3 Years, 2  Proficient

IBM FileNet P8 API Development experience

Required, 3 Years, 2  Proficient

IBM FileNet P8 Records Manager

Required, 3 Years, 2  Proficient

Enterprise Content Management System, Web Services

Required, 6 Years, 3  Expert

Enterprise Search Engine domain and Enterprise metadata repositories for document classification

Required, 3 Years, 3  Expert

Project life cycle activities on development and maintenance projects

Required, 2 Years, 3  Expert

SDLC Experience

Required, 4 Years, 3  Expert

Experience in Design and architecture review

Required, 2 Years, 3  Expert

Client Relationship Management experience

Required, 4 Years, 2  Proficient

Bachelor’s Degree

Highly desired


Highly desired


 Contact:  Naveen | [email protected]


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