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Top Tips To Get That Spark On Interviews


I know interviews can be tough and nerve racking.  You are trying to put your best foot forward with a bunch of strangers hoping they don’t turn into crazy people.  You want them to ask you easy questions, make you a generous job offer and just make you a job offer!  I know – that is the ideal world but realistically speaking an interview helps a potential employer get a sense of your background, experience and CHEMISTRY.  Yes I said it – chemistry.  A lot of times a “connection” is made within the first 5 minutes of the interview that makes the hiring manager want to hire you because they feel that “spark”.


Sounds like you are prepping for a blind date right?  Well actually you are.  If you prepare for an interview the way you would prepare for a blind date you are excited about – you should be getting good results, calls backs and hopefully job offers.  Here is how you can “light” that flame and get noticed on job interviews.

1.  Be warm and friendly – smile, give a firm handshake (no hugging allowed) and look the person in the eye

2.  Treat everyone with respect – whether it is the Security Guard in the lobby or the receptionist at the front desk – discount NO ONE and treat them all warmly, kindly and with respect

3.  Be open but don’t be go on and on without prompting – while the interviewer wants to hear all about your background and amazing experience, answer the question succinctly but with just enough detail to want them wanting more.  Don’t drone on and on to the point you forget the question they asked and they glaze over

4.  Do your research – make sure you read up on the organization and read their latest news feed to get a sense of who they are and what they are all about.  Don’t show up with no information because that leaves potential employers with the impression you really aren’t that interested

5.  Be yourself – don’t be fake or pretentious.  Potential employers can pick up on that.  Be honest and share truthful information about yourself.  If you begin to inflate your experience it may end up biting you in the end

6.  Don’t take this interview for granted – they are meeting with a lot of different candidates.  The market is flooded with worthwhile folks but you want them to choose YOU so do your very best and make sure they remember you.  One good way is to send a thank you letter after the interview.

See, interviewing is a lot like dating.  You must have a spark in order for the relationship to begin and blossom.  Potential employers are no different – they need to fall head over heels excited about what you can do for them, their department and their organization.  After all – it is all about them.  🙂

Leave a comment and let me know the last successful interview you went to and what made it successful.

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