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What to Do When You Hate Your Job


Hate is a very strong word but sometimes it is the first and only word to come to mind when it comes to a job you do not like.  Sometimes it just depends on the day.  There are several reasons you may have strong dislike for your job but don’t wear it as an attitude around the office.

You might even feel guilty expressing that sentiment given the current job market with so many people on unemployment.  You might feel ungrateful.  If so, I found this great article on The Ladders by, Amanda Augustine, to give you reasons for being grateful for the miserable job you have.  Read here for more:  http://info.theladders.com/your-job-search/reasons-to-be-thankful-for-job?et_id=3986179724

After you read that, I say stop the pity party and start devising a plan and pathway to your next opportunity.  Here are some pointers I hope will help you get through those long days, weeks and months until the next great opportunity presents itself.

Point #1:  Volunteer for extra-curricular assignments at work.  I know I know, you hate your job yet I am promoting you do even more at that job.  See it as an opportunity to build and boost your resume.  We all could use those.

Point #2:  Stay above the fray.  Don’t get caught up in office gossip or drama.  If there are people you do not care for, minimize the time you interact with them.  Remain polite and courteous but keep it short and moving.

Point #3:  Network.  Join an association and start connecting with others in your field.  You never know who you may meet and how they may be a bridge to your next career move.  Be open and inviting to everyone and take the initiative to introduce yourself to folks.  If nothing else, you may end up with a cool new friend.

Point #4:  Take job-sponsored training classes.  You won’t be successful finding your next job if you aren’t using the current one to obtain, hone and develop your skills and knowledge.  One great way to do that is to take as many training classes as possible to bolster your skillset.  Many companies offer sponsored training and tuition reimbursement.  If it is FREE, use it.  Don’t leave money on the table and use it to benefit you.  My motto has always been “Leave with more than what you came in with”.  That means leave with more experience, knowledge and skills so your dream company can benefit.

Point #5:  Devise an exit strategy.  I do not believe in quitting any job without a plan or a new job to go to.  In this day and time, with the job market as tough as it is, you don’t know how long you will be in between jobs.  If you have bills, house and car notes, etc. you must be responsible and make sure everything is covered.  With all that said – come up with your plan on when, how, for what you will leave your current company for something else.

Point #6:  If you have done all of the above start looking and interviewing for your next job.  No time like the present, if it fits within your exit strategy.  Get your resume out there on some of the more popular job listing sites, work your network and be discrete.  No need to announce to your office you are looking for your next opportunity.  Don’t talk about it, just be about it.


Let the “hate” propel you to new levels and ascensions within your career.  This doesn’t have to be a dead end for you and only YOU control your destiny, no one else.

Leave a comment telling us what additional pointers/tips would you give someone who hates their job?

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