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How To Apply For Government Jobs


Now that the Federal Government shutdown is behind us, there are many job listings being posted as they begin to find talent to hire to bolster their ranks.  I had the opportunity to speak to an Human Resources recruiter for the Federal Government who shared some great tips as to how to apply for government jobs and get a shot at a call in for an interview.

I thought I would share them with you because – this information is too good to keep to myself.

1.  The more the better, when it comes to your resume.  List as much detail as you can about your job experience since you started working.  It isn’t uncommon for applicants to submit 5 to 7 page resumes.  If you need to have a government resume just for that purpose, make one.

2.  Apply for all jobs with the same title.  That is because while they may look the same, they are probably very different and in different departments.  They tend to use generic job titles for job listings even though they may not necessarily be the same job.

3.  Read the job description and craft your resume to read like that job description.  When the reviewers of your resume are screening 1000’s of resumes, they look for language that highlights you have the relevant experience.  Of course make sure it remains truthful.

4.  Check whether it is a “Direct Hire” or gives priority to Veterans.  That helps you assess the amount of competition and whether everyone is given the same consideration.  If you are not a Veteran, you definitely want to prioritize those positions labeled as “Direct Hire”.

Applying to a government position is very different than applying to a company in private industry.  They are looking for different things.  Make sure you are prepared to give them what they want.

What tips do you have for those looking to apply for government jobs?

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