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Blogger Spotlight with Solange of The Corporate Sister Blog

Solange blogger

GPC:  Please introduce yourself to our readers (i.e. your name, occupation, hobbies, etc.).   

S:  Hi everyone, my name is Solange. I’m a CPA and accountant by day, and a blogger by early morning and evening. I love writing, reading and good coffee. 

GPC:  What is the name of your blog(s)?

S:  I’m the founder and editor of The Corporate Sister.

GPC:  What’s your blog all about (i.e. genre, niche, etc.)?

S:  The Corporate Sister a blog for career women in general, and minority career women in particular. It focuses on career tips, fashion, lifestyle, basically, work, life and everything in between. 

GPC:  What inspired your blog name? 

S:  My experience in the corporate world did. And since we are all sisters, regardless of race and/or origin, I though the term “Corporate sisters” would encompass all women at work. 

GPC:  When did you start blogging?

S:  I started blogging a few years back. I started this particular blog, The Corporate Sister, 11 months ago. 

GPC:  Why did you start blogging?

S:  I started blogging because I love writing first and foremost. I also believe as women we need to be more proactive about telling our stories. And since I have many stories, I started writing…

GPC:  Is blogging your full-time job or do you work elsewhere full-time or part-time? 

S:  I work full-time and blog part-time. 

GPC:  How do you balance the demands of blogging with your everyday life?

S:  Blogging is a part of life, it’s inspired by life and frankly, is a lot like living. I always carry a notebook with me to write down ideas I come up with as I go about my day, or use Evernote on my phone. As to finding the time to write, I use the good ol’ method of rising early and staying up late.

GPC:  What would you consider your biggest accomplishment to date as it pertains to your blog? 

S:  I have been nominated for a Liebster award a few months back. My readership is also growing, and so are my social media circles. Yet at the end of the day, I am just happy creating a genuine connection with my readers. 

GPC:  What do you consider the biggest challenge you face blogging in your genre/niche?

S:  The career and women’s empowerment niche is already quite crowded. However, I believe we all have room and a voice to bring about a difference, especially when it comes to minority women. 

The Corporate Sister Blog

GPC:  What has been your most exciting event you have participated in or attended as a blogger?

S:  So far I have been part of numerous Twitter chats, and am honored to be part of the BlogHer network. I am also a member of Brown Girl Bloggers and SITS.

GPC:  What tips or tricks do you use to encourage engagement from your readers on your blog?

S:  I like to ask questions at the beginning and end of my blog posts to engage my readers. I also use polls quite a bit in my articles. Finally, using social media, especially Twitter, is a great way to gain readers’ engagement.

GPC:  What advice do you have for a newbie getting started with blogging? 

S:  Write GREAT content! There is no secret sauce, or marketing gimmick to use. Start with great content, a unique voice, and the rest will come as you go!

GPC:  What do you think is the biggest misconception about blogging?

S:  The biggest misconception about blogging is that it has no impact. Blogs are becoming an integral part of the media, and should not be taken lightly. So blog away!

GPC:  Who are some of blogger inspirations?  

S:  Some of my blogger inspirations include For Harriet, Corporette, Capitol Hill Style, Africaisacountry, to share just a few. 

GPC:   Please share your blog information and any upcoming events you would like to share with our readers.

S:  Please find and subscribe to my blog at http://www.thecorporatesister.com. I am also on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/thecorporatesister, on Twitter @thecorporatesis. I hope you enjoy my posts and the many freebies on my site for subscribers. 

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