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Blogger Spotlight with Bijee of The Reflections of a Good Woman Blog

My name is Bijee (pronounced Bee-Gee). I am a full time government analyst by day and then a blogger/aspiring entrepreneur by all the rest of the time.

I reside at The Reflections of a Good Woman in my parts of the interweb. It’s a lifestyle blog where I talk about things that are important to me in an effort to help other women see a different or possibly similar perspective and work toward defining what their “good” looks like. There you can find me talking about relationships, friendships, parenting, faith, and just trying to be a better person and woman.

I aspire to be a good woman – Christian, wife, mother, and friend. Every woman’s good will look different.

a few weeks before the cut

We all have it in us, but we have to actively define it, rather than letting society and the things around us tell us what we should be, what we should look like and how we should act.

The goal is always to define the good.

I started blogging back in 2011 after graduating from grad school and getting married just as something fun to do. I didn’t realize how much I could do with it and what it could become. I blogged on that site for almost a year and then when I got pregnant with my second child I couldn’t hold on and I didn’t have the inspiration; so I shut it down. Go hard or go home, right?

After having the baby and moving through the regular day to day I missed blogging and I wanted to get back to it more focused, and with intention and purpose. So that is where RGW was birthed.
I love being a wife, I struggle through parenting, friendships have never been easy for me, but I want to be good, better yet, GREAT at them all, or at least working in that direction. After people telling me a time or two, that I was a “good woman”…. It hit me that that’s I wanted my blog to be focused around, all of that.

The title does not say that I am good, it is rather to embrace that WE as women are good – flat out.

The balance of it all?

Yea that is the hard part.

My job pays the bills, my blog fuels my passion. There is never enough time to do all that I want to do, but I just keep pushing.

In order to come as close to balancing as much as I can, I have a few tools that I absolutely love- Evernote, an app that I have on my computer, phone and iPad that syncs all three and allows me to just jot my thoughts down when they come to me regardless of what I am doing; my editorial calendar, which allows me to plan out my posts a month at a time (and I am hoping to get organized enough to have them maybe two months at a time in the new year, I pray for me; there are some image sites that help me with visuals (canva, pixaby, picmonkey); and then there is my accountability partner – Ms. Yulunda over at Y I’m Writeous. She has been a HUGE blessing to me in our short time together.

My blog is still fairly new, as I just kicked it off at the end of May so my greatest accomplishment has been consistently posting 2 times a week from myself and additionally having a guest post from some of my contributors. That along with getting accepted to the BlogHER network has been pretty awesome!

My greatest challenge right now is just not ever having enough hours in the day to get it all done. There is so much I want to do and learn and time just escapes me. I have been trying to be better about not getting sucked into social media but using it for what I need it to do at the time and then moving off of it.

There is just so much that tries to take your attention.

Additionally, I struggle with getting to read all of the other blogs I follow that has really good content. And then when I do read, I don’t always get to comment so I am borderline, internet stalking them, like the creepy person who always looks at you, but never says “hi”.

Some blogs I really love right now are – The Young Mommy Life, More to Be, and The Better Mom because I need all the parenting love and advice I can get in this season; Ember Grey, Heavens to Betsy and Hot Tea and the Empty Seat as they are great faith based blogs and I find myself having great reflections from their content; and then Remodelaholic has been a favorite even before I started blogging because in my next life, I am gonna be a crafty, fix my home from top to bottom kinda chick, but for right now I get some great inspiration from that site on all my home projects we have.

I have not attended any events as a blogger, as of yet. I am getting ready to work on my 2015 vision and determine what 2015 will hold for RGW. I am researching a few of the conferences and trying to select two to attend to get my feet wet.

To try to build interaction and engagement, at the end of every one of my posts I pose questions or thoughts for reflection. I have found that it triggers people to talk to me on some posts and then not so much on others. I have participated in a few giveaways which helped with some of my social media followings, but I am working through my feelings on that right now and then lastly I just try to visit and encourage other bloggers that I find of interest; and not necessarily in my niche, as I have many interests, I just don’t write about all of them.

For a newbie, from a newbie, I would say get involved in blogger groups that are relevant to your goals and interact. I have learned so much from being involved in groups and other people asking questions that I was wondering the answer to, or just randomly sharing how they worked through something.

Engage, Engage, ENGAGE!!

You can find me on the web via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, google+, Pinterest, and even subscribe to my posts about life and defining my good right to your email.

Thank you so much for this feature!

Much love and many blessings to you,
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