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I’m Rebranding!

We are rebranding and changing up this blog.

I’m rebranding this blog.  Why?  Because as I have continued along this blogging journey, I have realized I have learned a lot of what I know from other bloggers and want this platform to help share much of what I have learned in the 2 ½ years blogging as well as share other bloggers’ stories.

I’m a big advocate of supporting others if you want to be supported so I have no problem sharing information if I think it will help someone else.  Clearly I am experiencing what I’m experiencing for a reason.  I believe these lessons I am learning aren’t just for me but can help who are looking at blogging as:

  1. A way to make extra money
  2. A creative outlet
  3. A form of written expression
  4. To share ideas, promotions and product reviews

Quite honestly the reason someone blogs is vast and unique to each blogger.  Each one of us has our story.

So journey with me as I embark to be more transparent with my blogging  experience sharing the good, the bad and the down right FUGLY!

Let’s RIDE!

Are you a new or experienced blogger stuck in a rut and need to get unstuck?  What would you like to gain from this forum?

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