Monthly Archives: November 2013

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5 Common Resume Hazards to Avoid

Your resume is supposed to be a reflection of you and your background and experience.  It should highlight the awesome about you.  A key c [...]

Top Tips To Get That Spark On Interviews

I know interviews can be tough and nerve racking.  You are trying to put your best foot forward with a bunch of strangers hoping they don&# [...]

Professional Recruiters & Your Job Search

  This article was motivated by several questions I receive constantly about whether to use a recruiter during a job search or is it ju [...]

Thank You Letters

You’ve prepared and aced the interview and now you have left the interview site wondering when you are going to hear back from these p [...]

What we are all about

Hi everyone!! This blog was created for job seekers and recruiters looking to connect on the right career opportunity.  It was also created [...]
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